About Rick

Rick Garson, a renowned leader in the entertainment industry, has produced numerous groundbreaking events seen in 100+ countries over the years. A clear visionary in terms of international outreach and cross-cultural collaboration, Rick moved from the United States to Beijing, China in 2013. He has since made it his mission to create and share high-quality content in both Eastern and Western markets.  

Since he founded ZZYX Entertainment, an entertainment brand integration production company, Rick Garson has created and produced numerous events based in Beijing. Credits include the Beijing Olympics Global Harmony Concerts Series, the Marriage of Excellence Global TV Special in Beijing, the Forbidden City Concert Series and “ATTRACTION,” a theatrical production in the Bird’s Nest, among others.   Rick is also an international consultant for the development of Beijing National Stadium (also known as the Bird’s Nest), which was designed for the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The stadium will be used again for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In the meantime, Rick has been active in numerous entertainment events hosted at the Bird’s Nest, including Attraction, the first theatrical show held at the venue. Rick served as International Producer for this event.

Rick Garson has always been interested in international collaboration, and his long career in entertainment has allowed him to pursue this interest through many other ventures with the world as his canvas. Some of his most notable accomplishments include producing World Voice, a spoken word CD, Film and DVD of the Pope John Paul II’s private prayers in English, Spanish, and Italian with some of today’s most celebrated celebrities. Rick also acquired a Cuban Record catalog in excess of 200 titles that were produced, remixed, and distributed to the world market.  

Rick Garson’s journey to create and produce the global “Show of Peace” took him all over the globe at the invitation of world leaders from Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and others who wanted to bring his vision of the show to life. Now, Rick focuses on immersing himself in the thriving scene of Beijing, his home for nearly six years and for the foreseeable future. Keep up with this site for insights on the Beijing entertainment scene, technology, Mixed Reality, and more.

Rick Garson’s latest endeavor is VX Entertainment. Learn more!