A Tour Of Beijing, China_ Things To See And Do-minTraveling to other parts of the world is one of the best and most exciting ways to learn about different cultures, while getting the opportunity to see some of the globe’s most beautiful attractions. Beijing, the capital of China, continues to attract tourists for its unique cuisine, fruitful history, and breathtaking architecture.

798 Art District
After going through a transformation in the early 2000’s, the 798 quickly became a major tourist attraction, and continues to be in present day. The art district is known as the most important arts hub in the city, making it a great opportunity to see art from different cultures. When the idea to bring art galleries to the area, several state-owned factories were revamped to accommodate the galleries. In addition to the art galleries, the district also features restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. The art ranges from gallery to gallery, giving visitors the opportunities to see an array of work.

The Confucius Temple
Known for its incredible historical routes and legacy, the Confucius Temple is a tribute to China’s greatest sage. When visiting the temple, visitors can explore the funeral temple and shrine, which features different copper-colored statues of some of the wisest Confucian scholars from China. For those who are interested in seeing the shrine that is dedicated Confucius can take a tour of the Hall of Great Perfection. The Hall of Great Perfection contains an incredible collection of ancient musical instruments, to give an example.

Nan Luogu Xiang
Built originally as an alleyway over 700 years ago, Nan Luogu Xiang has gone through renovations to attract visitors. In addition to eight historic hutongs that visitors can explore, the area has also expanded to include a variety of restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. The neighborhoods have significantly increased in popularity since being revamped in 2006, and show little signs of slowing down. In order to avoid an overwhelming crowd, it is recommended to visit Nan Luogu Xiang during the week.

Beijing Olympic Park
For those who may not know, Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. To prepare for the incredible event, the city worked tirelessly to create additional hotels, buildings and sports arenas. One of the buildings that were built to accommodate the games is the Beijing National Stadium, which is also known as the Bird Nest. The stadium held several activities for the 2008 winter olympics, including the opening and closing ceremonies and various athletic competitions. The Beijing Olympic Park remains open for tourists to explore, as well as for different events.

Because of its long, fruitful history, Beijing offers countless attractions that tourists can explore. Whether one wants to learn more about the culture and history, experience the cuisine, or learn to learn about the city, Beijing offers an abundance of attractions for everyone.