About Rick Garson – Beijing Based Founder Of VX Entertainment

downloadRick Garson an entrepreneur and industry executive in the entertainment industry. He brings over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, establishing himself as a leader in both the national and international industry. He is the founder of VX Entertainment, a company based in Beijing, China that creates, develops, produces and owns global media properties and content. The work that Rick is doing with VX Entertainment is leading the way for the use of live virtual reality environments in entertainment, education, healthcare, automotive, luxury goods, and more.


Rick Garson began his groundbreaking work in 1989 as the president and CEO of Billboard Entertainment. He spearheaded a large variety of successful projects, including the Rolling Stones pay-per-view TV Special in association with the Steel Wheels Tours. This would become the first successful pay-per-view music special, sparking a whole new way to see music. One of Rick’s notable ideas came to fruition in 1990, when he pitched the idea for the Billboard Music Awards to the then head of Fox Broadcasting Corporation. The idea was an immediate hit, and the awards show continues today.


In addition to his work with Billboard Entertainment, Rick Garson was also the Chairman and CEO of ZZYX Entertainment, a production company that creates and owns television and film programming. Using the next generation of media, ZZYX Entertainment focuses on live events and brand integration. The company focuses on the “four screens” that most humans interact with most: film, television, sports, and music. Their ideas provided a new wave of multimedia concepts that enhanced how we view entertainment.


Most recently, Rick Garson founded VX Entertainment in 2016, where he continues to work as the CEO. Located in Beijing, China, VX Entertainment uses the latest technology to continuously improve how we view entertainment. Using virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, live streaming, and more, the company finds new and innovative ways to improve live entertainment. VX Entertainment is helping to lead the way to virtual reality environments in entertainment, education, healthcare, automotive, luxury goods, and numerous others.


Because of the industry he has dedicated himself to, Rick Garson has had the opportunity to produce events in over 100 countries around the world. This has provided him with a deep appreciation for the incredible cultures worldwide and makes sure to experience it each day. Rick was responsible for the global “Show of Peace,” that took him to countries around the world. He enjoys exploring how technology can be used to enhance the travel experience, and how it can make the trip even better.


In addition to his other work, Rick Garson was involved in the launch of the Super Bowl Saturday Night on TNT, produced New Kids on the Block pay-per-view special, created the MTV Super Bowl TV Specials, and more.
To learn more about Rick Garson’s work in the entertainment industry, visit his website at RickGarson.com. To follow his journey in Beijing and around the world, visit his blog at RickGarson.org.