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The Best Hotels In Beijing, China, Rick Garson

The Best Hotels In Beijing, China

As the capital of China and one of the greatest cities in the world, Beijing has become an extravagant and popular retreat. Known for its iconic and cultural beauty, the city has now gained new popularity for its urban sites that are filled with contemporary art spots, boutiques, and world-renowned restaurants. In the center of it, all are Beijing’s finest… Read more →

Five Of Beijing's Most Unusual Foods, Rick Garson

Five Of Beijing’s Most Unique Foods

Every place has its own unusual, yet satisfying and delectable dishes. Others might call them “acquired tastes.” Here is a list of Beijing’s five most unusual foods. Starfish Chinese cuisine is renown for its use of the ocean’s bounty. From carp and snapper to squid and eel, the Chinese people have prepared and consumed a wide variety of seafood over… Read more →

A Tour Of Beijing, China_ Things To See And Do-min

A Tour Of Beijing, China: Things To See And Do

Traveling to other parts of the world is one of the best and most exciting ways to learn about different cultures, while getting the opportunity to see some of the globe’s most beautiful attractions. Beijing, the capital of China, continues to attract tourists for its unique cuisine, fruitful history, and breathtaking architecture. 798 Art District After going through a transformation… Read more →

Technology you should have when traveling

Technology You Should Have When Traveling

There’s no denying that traveling is exciting, especially when done for pleasure. However, it can also be an incredibly stressful experience trying to keep oneself organized before boarding an airplane. Fortunately, new technology innovations are making the journey easier, so we can enjoy our time away from home a little more. Try adding these new products when you are going… Read more →

Zara | Rick Garson

Zara Entertains Millennial Shoppers With Augmented Reality App

Zara has decided to take aim at Millennial shoppers with their new augmented reality displays. The Spanish fashion retailer, founded in 1975, is owned by the world’s largest apparel retailer, Inditex. The company, which grosses approximately $9 billion annually, has elected to introduced an augmented reality shopping app to enliven the shopping experience. The augmented reality application displays showcase models… Read more →

8 Non-Game VR Apps To Use Today _ Rick Garson (1)

8 Non-Game VR Apps To Use Today

Oculus Rift, HTV Vive, and Samsung Gear are examples of current VR systems that can help to move the public beyond the boundaries of their four corners. There’s a misbelief that all that virtual reality has to offer are games. However, we now know that to be false.   We can now move around the world in the blink of,… Read more →

VR Entertainment: VR May Be All Fun, But It Isn't All Games | Rick Garson

VR Entertainment: VR May Be All Fun, But It Isn’t All Games

Entertainment isn’t a tool for better gaming; it’s an animal of its very own. The immersive platform is an incredible device allowing users to take part of realistic storytelling, unique adventures, and significant applications that can challenge any user.   The first-person nature of the virtual reality devices enliven interactions that seem organic and rooted in the real world. The three-dimensional… Read more →

Best Tech Gifts For Travelers | Rick Garson

Best Tech Gifts For Travelers

Sophisticated travelers have involved and diverse cravings. While some seek serene settings, others seek incredible foodscapes. Likewise, some are in pursuit of views from great heights, while other only want to snap photographs of amazing terrain while sipping at leisure and unfamiliar culture. Believe it or not, there are tools to help facilitate this enjoyment. In fact, there’s a list of… Read more →