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MR Applications Rick Garson

Applications of Mixed Reality

Mixed reality combines the real world and the virtual world. The term mixed reality includes all combinations of reality with the virtual world. That means that virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and augmented virtuality (AV) are all parts of mixed reality. The mix of these different realities opens up opportunities far beyond what is possible in the “real” world.… Read more →

Audi Extended Reality Rick Garson

How is Audi using Extended Reality in Their New Cars?

Audi has just created the ultimate backseat ride, and Disney has something to do with it. The German automaker just debuted Holoride in Las Vegas during the 2019 CES consumer technology show. Holoride will launch as a company in February and begin bringing the Extended Reality (XR) experience of movies and games for both children and adult passengers within the… Read more →