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VR Entertainment: VR May Be All Fun, But It Isn't All Games | Rick Garson

VR Entertainment: VR May Be All Fun, But It Isn’t All Games

Entertainment isn’t a tool for better gaming; it’s an animal of its very own. The immersive platform is an incredible device allowing users to take part of realistic storytelling, unique adventures, and significant applications that can challenge any user.   The first-person nature of the virtual reality devices enliven interactions that seem organic and rooted in the real world. The three-dimensional… Read more →

The Perks of Virtual Tourism | Rick Garson

The Perks of Virtual Tourism

The world of tourism and travel is widening thanks to virtual technology. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the 1990 action thriller “Total Recall,” a film that portrayed him as a factory worker by the name of Douglas Quaid. While the film’s story takes audiences to Mars, one of the interesting moments of the futuristic thriller takes place right here on Earth,… Read more →