8 Non-Game VR Apps To Use Today

8 Non-Game VR Apps To Use Today _ Rick Garson (1)Oculus Rift, HTV Vive, and Samsung Gear are examples of current VR systems that can help to move the public beyond the boundaries of their four corners. There’s a misbelief that all that virtual reality has to offer are games. However, we now know that to be false.


We can now move around the world in the blink of, and we can transform our surrounds with a nod of the head. Read on to learn the names of non-game VR apps:

  1. The Google Earth App | We can travel using planes and trains, but why do that when our devices can take exactly where we want to be. The Google Earth App can connect us with the destinations that we desperately want to see.
  2. Konrad the Kitten | Konrad the Kitten is an immersive experience for people of all ages. Through this application, users can engage with a fun loving virtual cat. He can be dressed in a dozen accessories, and he can play a handful of games.
  3. The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell Stream | This app provides exceptional educational activities, putting medical students in touch with valuable insight into the human body.
  4. Speech Center VR | This app offers a strategy that will help users to tackle the fear of giving presentations. This can help one to master public speaking, also stressful situations, helping them to feel as they can successfully present to a group.
  5. Oceanrift | Ocean Rift is incredible because it can place you in the center of water life, surrounded by creatures who span the width of the ocean. You can see sharks, stingrays, sea lions, and so much more. You can explore the big blue with great ease.
  6. Starchart | You can traverse the skies by using this virtual reality star headset and controller, venturing into spaces. The astral experience is a cool wall, fixed with a simulation of the night sky, constellations, solar system exploration, and Moon visitation.
  7. Netflix | Nexflix already manages to provide access to great television, but the app is crafted to transport users to a somewhat bird’s eye view of their favorite content.
  8. Fearless | This powerful app works to help users identify and gradually overcome fears that plague them.

What are some other great non-game VR options that users might enjoy?

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