Zara Entertains Millennial Shoppers With Augmented Reality App

Zara | Rick GarsonZara has decided to take aim at Millennial shoppers with their new augmented reality displays.

The Spanish fashion retailer, founded in 1975, is owned by the world’s largest apparel retailer, Inditex. The company, which grosses approximately $9 billion annually, has elected to introduced an augmented reality shopping app to enliven the shopping experience.

The augmented reality application displays showcase models fitted with selected looks. Users can move through some looks, clicking on clothes to purchase.  That same technology will also help users to view alternative outfits following purchases The displays will be introduced into 120 stores worldwide, beginning April 18.

Zara’s app would mean that by pointing a camera directly toward an empty Zara, store window can translate to an experience where passersby are shop looks, and review related items. According to the company, “the app features a tool for sharing the experience on social media, encouraging users to take and submit photos of the holograms, establishing a virtual connection that appears remarkably real.”

Anne Critchlow, of Societe Generale, told Reuters, “It is now very rare in the physical stores-based part of the retail sector to find companies not disrupted by online. However, Inditex is a rare example of a company that should fare relatively well.”

Zara’s well-known rival, H&M has also elected to invest in technology that will enhance customer engagement and customer experience. Additionally, ASOS recently unveiled a way to shop styles through a reverse image search app.  Likely, we’ll see more technological advancements and actions across the retail world.
Businesses, landmarks, and organizations have long utilized augmented reality apps to advertise and interact. Even early generation Android devices allowed the public to engage using various augmented reality apps that highlight the joys of travel, gaming, and entertainment. Zara is continuing a tremendous tradition of using digital tech to aid sales and enhance reality.